Identify Consulting

Initially formed in response to the growing demand for safe asbestos management services throughout New Zealand, Identify Consulting is a well-established environmental consultancy company with national capabilities. 

About Us

Identify’s consultants are experts in their field and have the knowledge, training and expertise required to undertake our full range of asbestos related works including clearance assessing, surveying and fibre counting.

At Identify Consulting, we ensure the team are up to date with current Asbestos Management requirements, and international developments so we can offer you sound advice and service. Our team are NZ licenced and carry a range British Occupational Health and Safety (BOHS) qualifications, to support our work for you.

Identify Consulting’s commitment to excellent service is rewarded by long standing relationships with both public and private sector clients, as well as several reputable removal companies.

Identify Consulting is proud of the expertise and professionalism of the team, and of the culture the organisation has fostered, where each individual is able to flourish and truly enjoy their role.

The Team

Our team bring various building accreditations and life experiences to their job. We all work closely together and support each other to ensure the best solution is reached for our clients and everyone’s safety.

Bianca Grainer


Licenced Assessor AA21070031
BA Humanities,
BOHS IP402, IP404

Hugo Toye

South Island Manager

Licenced Assessor AA18090115
BSc Chemistry,
BOHS IP402, IP404

Ronaldo Vollenhoven

Wellington Region Manager

Licenced Assessor AA200440021
BOHS IP402, IP404,
CPCC 3014A, 3015A, 5014A

Haemania Puna

Environmental Consultant

Licenced Assessor AA23010052
BOHS IP402, IP404

Daniel Joubert

Environmental Consultant

Licenced Assessor AA20080038
BSc Environmental Science,
BOHS IP402, IP404

David Bridson

Environmental Consultant

Licenced Assessor AA21110055
BOHS IP402, IP404
CPCC 3014A, 3015A, 5014A

Alex Kuipers von Lande

Environmental Consultant

Licenced Assessor AA22050018
BOHS IP402, IP404

Elijah Austen

Environmental Consultant

Licenced Assessor AA23030057

Tessa Halmshaw

Administrative Specialist

Pablo the Cat

Professional Model

“The team at Identify Consulting are always professional, reliable, pragmatic, and very responsive to our needs.”
Chris Saunders

Manager, Hazmat