Air Monitoring

Asbestos air monitoring assesses the concentration of airborne asbestos fibre levels in the environment. Air monitoring can be undertaken in a range of different circumstances, and is a legal requirement in some situations. The end goal of each type of air monitoring is to ensure the level of respirable fibres in the air is below occupational exposure standards and able to be deemed safe for human occupation.

Air Sample Collection

Air monitoring pumps are used to draw air through a filter over a pre-determined period of time. Where the pumps are placed and for how long, depends on the type of air monitoring being performed. After sampling is complete, the filter is examined under microscope by our asbestos analysts to identify the presence of asbestos in the environment.

Why Conduct Air Monitoring

Air monitoring is undertaken to determine the concentration of airborne respirable asbestos fibres in the air. When the amount of fibres in the air exceeds specific limits, a potential health risk is identified. To mitigate the health risks controls are put in place to reduce fibre release.

Air monitoring is legally required during Class A removal works and associated clearance inspections. It is also an important tool used during various other types of asbestos related works to ensure safety standards are met.

Types of Air Monitoring

Different situations require different types of air monitoring. Our consultants will advise you on the air monitoring required for your site and works, to ensure appropriate safety measures are in place.


Background Air Monitoring


Compliance Air Monitoring


Control Air Monitoring


Clearance Air Monitoring


Leak Testing


Personal Air Monitoring


Reassurance Testing

Why Choose Identify Consulting?

Identify Consulting is a great choice for air monitoring works as our consultants can complete same-day fibre counts in our in-house laboratories. We also work closely with IANZ accredited laboratories for specialist fibre counting work.

As our consultants are all cross trained, they are able to provide additional feedback and information regarding results, and what these results mean in your particular situation. We can identify possible reasons for high fibre counts and assist with designing and implementing strategies to reduce fibre levels to minimise associated health risks.

Other Services:


Asbestos surveys identify the presence or likelihood of asbestos in your building or item.


Clearance inspections are completed to ensure an area is safe for re-occupation following the removal of asbestos.

Management Plans

A management plan is legally required in any workplace where asbestos is present or likely to be present.

“Identify Consulting Ltd have carried out numerous Asbestos Surveys, Air Monitoring and Clearance Reports for us since they have been in operation. We have always found them to be prompt, thorough and professional and can definitely recommend them.”

Jackie Snowdon

Owner, City Salvage Contractors