Management Plans

Under current legislation, every workplace in New Zealand must have a formal, documented asbestos management plan if asbestos has been identified, or is likely to be present. The Asbestos Management Plan is based on the findings of the Asbestos Management Survey.

Why Have a Plan

The purpose of the Asbestos Management Plan is to ensure measures are taken to prevent or minimise the risk to people at the property – such as workers, tenants, clients, or visitors – of exposure to airborne asbestos fibre.

This document must be made available to anyone who requests it, and to people who will be working on or around asbestos containing materials.

Managing Asbestos

This plan identifies the location of any asbestos containing materials within buildings, and sets out recommendations for ensuring the material is appropriately managed so it does not cause any health risks to the occupants of the workplace or residence. It is the responsibility of the Person Conducting the Business or Undertaking (PCBU) to ensure the Asbestos Management Plan is created and maintained.

In New Zealand the Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016 state the asbestos management plan must be reviewed and if necessary revised every five years. Revisions are required sooner if additional items are located or become accessible, when controls are revised, or when asbestos materials are removed, disturbed, or remediated.

Choose Identify Consulting

Identify Consulting prepares Asbestos Management Plans for a range of clients, such as building and business owners, property managers, and housing trusts. It is important that the asbestos management plan is specific to your property, and details clear management and control actions. We are experienced in preparing these documents in line with current legislative requirements and can help you with the ongoing maintenance and review of the plan.

Other Services:


Asbestos surveys identify the presence or likelihood of asbestos in your building or item.


Clearance inspections are completed to ensure an area is safe for re-occupation following the removal of asbestos.

Air Monitoring

Air monitoring identifies the presence of airborne asbestos fibres in a range of different situations.
“Natural Living Homes work closely with Identify Consulting limited, on many projects in numerous locations around New Zealand.  The Identify Team offer top notch asbestos management advice.  Their surveys and clearances are always thorough and specific, and easy to understand.  The team are happy to discuss issues, give advice, and work on pragmatic solutions for safe asbestos management.  Natural Living Homes highly recommends this team for residential and commercial properties.”
Gary Lawson

CEO, Natural Living Homes